Voodoo Engine Enterprises - For Engines With Spirit

Voodoo Engine Enterprises specialise in supplying a wide range of AUTOMOTIVE and MARINE (both inboard and outbourd) products and services.
We can arrange direct delivery to your door so regardless of where you are located in Australia, please contact us if you are in the market for:

  • Porting and polishing
  • Flow benching
  • Innovative engine modifications/development
  • Engine parts
  • Complete engines
  • Performance parts
  • Accessories and helpful tools
  • Machining services
We have developed successful partnerships with both enthusiasts and serious competitors by providing products and services which achieve their engine designs and needs.  Clilck on this link kas-racing.com.au for an example of one of these partnerships.  The engine for this race car was built by us and fitted by the Kas racing team.
If you are close to Newcastle in the Hunter Valley and would like to deal in person, please contact me on 0425 232393 to arrange a time. 
How We Can Help
We can provide you with solutions that are backed by three generations of experience in the automotive/marine engineering fields. Whether you are tackling a standard engine repair or maintenance through to a high performance engine development or modifications, we can help.
We can also provide you with an extensive range of spare parts, complete engines and tools. We are also happy to arrange delivery to your door. Give Darren a call on 0425 232393 if you would like quote.

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